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Prior Program Testimonials


"Through small changes, I was able to meet my personal goals at a very easy pace. I started making small changes in my lifestyle and before I knew it, I was living my earlier vision. I gained the personal time and growth that I previously thought impossible."    - Sarah



"The program helped me look within myself and taught me specific workable strategies to work at living a more balanced, healthier, happier life. I liked the way I felt after weekly sessions and the positive energy and support I got from the group each week. Even my husband would comment how I seemed happier and more content!"       - Janet



"Kim helped me make small changes and focus on behaviors which would have a more positive impact on my life.  These little changes felt manageable on a day to day basis, and ultimately became better habits and led to long term change in the right direction."     - Melissa




Live Your Best Life 

6 Weeks to Get Your Healthy Habits on Autopilot!



  • What if this Halloween you could walk past that bowl of candy without taking a second glance or having its contents taunt you?


  • What if your week was so crazy that you had to miss your workouts, but you didn’t feel guilty or like it completely put you off track? 


  • When holiday treats are in abundance, what if you could have just a few and savor them, with no internal battle?


It’s time to stop letting what you are (or aren’t) eating, your exercise plans and any guilt about these habits run your day and take over your thoughts.


In this 6-week group program, Live Your Best Life (LYBL), you'll learn how to get your healthy habits on autopilot so that you can focus on running your life, instead of always focusing on your food.




Here is exactly what we will cover in LYBL:


Weeks 1&2:  Your new “Rules” & Food 101


During these two weeks you'll learn:


  • Your new “Rule” (Hint: It’s to forget all of the rules that you’ve been living by!) and why it’s the most important one yet

  • Food cravings: Decoding and addressing them

  • Why low fat = no good

  • Importance of whole, complete foods

  • Sugar: what it is, how we react, how/where it hides

  • The concept of crowding out

  • How to listen to your body

  • Eating mindfully


Week 3&4:  Putting yourself first: Self-care, Pampering, & Relationships


During these two weeks you'll learn how to:


  • Assess your current schedule & relationships

  • Discover and incorporate what makes you happy

  • Leverage those around you

  • Schedule: Find or make time in a busy life for your healthy habits


Week 5&6:  Common Stressors and Road Blocks


During these two weeks you'll learn about:


  • Money/Career stressors

  • Being true to your authentic self

  • How to bring pleasure into your workday, no matter what your job

  • Common road blocks to sticking to healthy habits and how to avoid them




Here’s how the program works:


The program begins on Monday, October 19, and will continue for 6 consecutive weeks. There will be three in-person sessions held every-other week (on weeks 1, 3 and 5). On the off-weeks (weeks 2, 4 and 6), there will be teleconference sessions where the group will meet via conference call. The sessions will be held from 7:30-9pm on Monday nights each week, and the in-person sessions will be held at the Creative Arts Dance Academy at 90 Main Street, Andover, MA (second floor).


As a participant of the program, you will receive:


  • Three 90 minute in-person group coaching sessions

  • Three 90 minute teleconference group coaching sessions

  • Recordings of all teleconference sessions

  • Support and encouragement in-between sessions via a private Facebook group for all group members and me, your coach

  • "Work out and Check-in" meet-ups for group members (attendance optional, dates TBD)

  • Access to a private Pinterest board for recipes, workout ideas, etc.

  • Several handouts to reinforce topics discussed

  • Opportunity to discuss specific individual concerns/needs during sessions

  • Easy Health & Happiness tips and tricks to implement into your life right away

  • Quick, easy and healthy recipe ideas

  • Weekly assignments to apply and solidify understanding of topics discussed

  • Free gift upon registration


The tuition for the full 6-week program, including all of the items listed above, is $139, and comes with a satisfaction guarantee.*  In order to ensure the quality of the group discussions and allow each participant personal attention, there are a limited number of spots available in the course. Reserve your spot today by clicking HERE to register! (Registration closes on Friday, October 16th!)
























I'm beyond excited for this journey towards living your best life that we're going to go on together! 



With Smiles,




If you still have questions, I'm happy to help you decide whether this program is right for you. I want to make sure you're making the proper investment in yourself! Please contact me via e-mail and I will respond ASAP to address any questions or concerns you may have!

Still not quite sure if this is the program for you? 


This program is for you if…


  • You’ve wasted mind-space, time, or energy on thoughts of diets, food, or your workout regimen

  • You've tried several diet/exercise plans, but nothing stuck

  • You know what to do to reach your goals, but need help getting it done

  • You want your healthy habits to be more like a reflex than a struggle

  • You’re ready to stop yo-yo dieting

  • You don't know the last time you did something just for fun

  • You want to stop your cravings, and know what to do if they return

  • You want to enjoy the holiday season without gaining weight or feeling deprived

  • You benefit from a community of like-minded women

  • Having accountability helps you implement lasting change


This program is not for you if...


  • You prefer 1-on-1 individual guidance and attention (check out my other programs, HERE)

  • You never think twice about anything that you eat

  • You're 100% confident in your skin

  • You're perfectly happy with your current whole-picture health status (Congrats!)



Feel like it’s a good fit for you now? I can't wait to help you make incredible positive change in your life! Click HERE to register.

*Details regarding my Satisfaction Guarantee:

I am so devoted to your health & happiness, and so committed to delivering great value in this course, that I feel confident in offering you this satisfaction guarantee. By the end of this course, I want you to feel that you've deepened your understanding about your overall wellness and healthy lifestyle habits, and made progress towards reaching your whole-picture wellness goals. If you participate in each of the weekly sessions, and complete all of the weekly assignments, but are still not satisfied with this course, you have through the last session date (November 23, 2015) to e-mail me at, and you can have all your money back.

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