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Want to know what it's like to work with me? Hear it straight from my clients' mouths.



"Kim taught me that reaching my goals did not have to be a huge, daunting, all or nothing proposition. It can be fun! Through small changes, I was able to meet my personal goals at a very easy pace. I started making small changes in my lifestyle and before I knew it, I was living my earlier vision. Through Kim's expertise and keen ability to listen, she was able to reposition my personal goals into a series of different tasks. I gained the personal time and growth that I previously thought impossible."

- Sarah from Westford, MA



"I really enjoyed working with Kim over the past few months.  During this time I experienced some significant changes in my personal life (second baby, moving our family, challenging job assignments, just to name a few) and Kim helped me to put these things into perspective. The advice she provided when I was faced with the opportunity to move helped me to really weigh the pros and cons and have meaningful discussions with my husband in order to reach a decision.  She was empathetic and understanding, while also providing me with guidance on how to manage some of the difficulties and stress that came with making that decision. 

Kim also helped me to identify both healthy and unhealthy habits, in an effort to make small changes and focus on behaviors which would have a more positive impact on my life.  She encouraged me to think about how I felt when I was eating right and exercising more and also gave me tips on how to incorporate those things into my daily (busy) life.  These were little changes that felt manageable on a day to day basis.  She has really taught me that I don't need to change everything at once, but instead focus on small things daily or weekly, that ultimately become better habits and lead to long term change in the right direction."

- Melissa from Grafton, MA


"The Health & Happiness Connection program helped me look within myself and taught me specific workable strategies to work at living a more balanced, healthier, happier life.


Kimberly helped me reach my personal goals with information, knowledge, understanding, and kindness, addressing my unique personal concerns, empowering me to gain control of my health and in turn my ultimate happiness. Her ideas were simple, fun and easy to work into my daily routine. 


I liked the way I felt after weekly sessions and the positive energy and support I got from the group each week. Even my husband would comment how I seemed happier and more content.


I learned to put myself first, to not be afraid to ask for what I need, not deny myself, eat mindfully and with full enjoyment, do for myself each day and feel good and positive about my accomplishments pushing away all neagtive thoughts ...breathe.... drink more with good healthy and yummy recipes...ways to incorporate healthy habits each and every day .. and much much more."

- Jan from Bridgton, ME



"The experience I had in working with Kim was super positive! She helped me realize that my lack of focus on self-care was a huge disservice to myself. I also really enjoyed Kim's company. She is a very good listener and extremely easy to talk to. And she wasn't afraid to call me out when I was in the wrong with my thinking.


She also focuses on the holistic well-being of a person.  She wants to know the good, the bad and the ugly of your life.  That is truly the only way forward progress could be made with me.  No secrets, no hidden agendas, no doors went unopened during our sessions.  This opened my eyes.  We had some really hard conversations, but by having those I was able to actually “let go” of a lot of my barriers and a lot of resentment that have kept me prisoner for years. 


Overall, the program exceeded my expectations. We were able to cover A LOT of ground in a short period of time, and the awakening I experienced through our sessions was priceless."

- Bethany from North Andover, MA



"[In my program with Kim], she helped me step out of my habits and day to day to rethink how I can achieve satisfaction in all areas of my life that are important to me. She gave me lots of really great manageable tips/tools that I can incorporate into my day-to-day actions, and my overall experience in working with her was super positive!"

-Becky from Andover, MA



"I found Kimberly to be very positive and motivating, and she never put me (or any of the other group members) down or made us feel bad in any way. I definitely learned a lot throughout the course and especially learned a lot about whole foods and creating a positive environment around me."

- Stacey from Salem, MA


"Kimberly does a great job tailoring the course to each participant of the group, and I really liked that the course was a well-rounded, holistic approach to your overall health."

- Angie from Lawrence, MA


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