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Hello lovely! 

I'm Kimberly Hoye, the Certified Health Coach and founder of Health & Happiness Connection. I'm so happy to "meet" you and let you know a bit more about me!


I'm a glass half-full kinda girl, with a knack for seeing the good in things and for "spinning it positive."


However, that doesn't mean I sugar-coat things. I tell it like it is: If you want the truth about something, just ask- I am a terrible liar. 


I also love like nobody's business. I'm an extremely caring and thoughtful person, and have always been uber-protective over the people that I love and care about. When you're under that umbrella, you can count on me to support you and have your back.


As a Health Coach, some people get a specific stereotypical image in their mind of what I should be like, so let me explain the type of Health Coach that I am


I'm a holistic Health Coach (or what I like to call a whole-package Health Coach). This means that I focus on overall health by looking at all of the different areas of your life: not just what you eat or how much you do (or don't) exercise.


I do not live solely off of raw foods and green juices. I didn't even eat my first banana until I was 30 years old. I practically lived off of chicken nuggets as a kid. I eat icecream and molten chocolate cakes. But I also devour steamed broccoli and love to exercise.


I believe in adding gorgeous, delicious things into your diet; not taking those things out! There is a place for indulgences of all kind. Everyone deserves to get the most enjoyment and fulfillment that they can out of each and every thing that they eat and do.


Through a whole lot of trial and error in my own life, I've finally discovered what works for me to feel and be my absolute best self. For me, that includes taking time for myself, time for my loved ones, exercising to feel strong, making other people smile, adding tons of veggies into my meals, and never feeling like I'm deprived. 


As a mom to a little boy, I know that life is always changing and nothing ever goes as planned. I've discovered that the art of being flexible and staying true to yourself is what ends up being the most rewarding in the end. 


I believe that a healthy and happy you creates a healthy and happy family. Every mom should feel like her absolute strongest, fiercest, happiest, most gorgeous self on a daily basis. 


Face it: the Mama is the foundation of a family and the person that greatly influences the lives of our little ones. When you feel like the unstoppable force that you are, amazing things happen! 



Let's start making amazing things happen in your life, today! (click here!)





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