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STOP the downward spiral!

Ugh, the holiday season hasn’t even officially hit us yet and my husband and I have already found ourselves in the “overindulged way too much” trap (Yes, even as a health coach I still do this too sometimes!). We hosted a Halloween party last weekend and found ourselves with a ton of extra pizza and other decadent foods leftover, which we ended up enjoying a few too many days in a row.

In the past, having a weekend like last weekend would just be the kick-off of a downward spiral into halting my healthy habits, needing more starchy carbs and sugar to fill my increasing cravings, and bingeing on way too much caffeine in an effort to give me the energy that was being zapped away by all the junk I was eating.

The good news is, I now know how to get myself out of this funk and back to feeling like myself fast, avoiding the downward spiral altogether.

The key? Give your body what it ACTUALLY needs, instead of what you think its craving or needs.

When you really let yourself think about it, you know deep down that the third (or fourth or fifth) cup of coffee today won’t actually give you the refreshed energized feeling that you’re going for. It’s going to give you a quick fake-energy boost, followed by an even more severe energy slump as it wears off.

What your body actually needs is an energizing brisk walk outdoors, a power salad with spinach, nuts, and lean protein, or a nap.

So when you find yourself starting to perpetuate some bad habits and stepping onto the next step of your slippery slope, take a second to tune into yourself and check in on what you REALLY need. I promise, your body will know exactly what that is: you just need to take a second to listen.

Now I want to hear from you: What have you done to stop yourself from going down your slippery slope of bad habits in the past? Share with me in the comments below!

With Smiles,


P.S. Are you getting excited for the holiday season, but also a little apprehensive about all of the stress, sweet treats, and chaos that it brings?? Have no fear: I’m bringing back my Health & Happiness Holiday Challenge again this year! It’s a free two-week challenge to make sure that you keep the "Happy" in your "Holidays"! If you’re interested in joining for the challenge (or if you know someone else in your life that you know would be game), make sure that you’re on my mailing list to be the first to know when it starts! (You can sign up for my mailing list at the top of my website, CLICK HERE!).

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