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Healthy Living Resolution Ideas for 2016

In my last blog post I explained why "Lose Weight" should NOT make your New Year resolution list this year. That being said, there are plenty of health-related resolutions that I can totally get behind and encourage you to consider for 2016.

Here's just a few healthy living-related resolution ideas that I would much rather see you focus on this year (and likely will help you lose those few extra pounds if you have them!).

2. Drink more water. (Get ideas how in this old post!)

3. Eat more foods in their whole form.

4. Connect with your loved ones weekly.

6. Have healthy planned-ahead meals and/or snacks on hand for hunger emergencies.

7. Do something you love every day. (More on the importance of FUN in this old post!)

8. Keep a weekly log of things you're grateful for.

9. Practice positive thinking/positive psychology daily. (See this old post for more on positive thinking!)

10. Do one thing each day to take impeccable care of yourself. (Click here for an old post about self care.)

As you can see, the focus around each of the above resolution ideas is to ADD something positive, fun, new, and healthy into your life; Not to restrict, punish, or take things OUT of your life.

Now that you've heard some of my ideas for healthy living resolutions, I'd love to hear some of the resolutions that you've come up with for 2016. Share with me in the comments below!

With Smiles,


P.S. Want some more guidance on how to best create achievable goals for yourself? See this old post where I talk about the importance of setting your goals properly so that you will make sure to actually achieve them!


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