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Thought Tweak: There are NO good or bad foods

Thought Tweak of the Week:

There are no “good” foods and “bad” foods.

Take these food-identifying words out of your vocabulary. Yes, there are foods that have more nutrients, and foods that have less (or no) nutrients. But that doesn’t make either of them good or bad.

The problem with labeling foods as good/bad is that we start to associate feelings and emotions with them. When we’re told a food is “bad,” we start feeling guilty if we eat it or want it, or try and sneak it so that others won’t know that we’re being “bad.” We also start craving it even more, because we think we shouldn’t have it!

On the contrary, society has led us to believe that most “good” foods taste gross. You could take a bite of the freshest, juiciest, most delicious peach and think, “YUM!” But your subconscious may be minimizing your enjoyment of that food because you think you aren’t supposed to thoroughly enjoy eating the “good” foods.

Take the concept of “good” and “bad” foods out of your life, and instead make your food choices around this idea:

How is this food going to add to my life?

Sometimes the answer may be “tons of nutrients that are going to fuel me for the day!” And sometimes the answer may be “a decadent, sweet way to celebrate!” This method of thinking allows you to see all of your food as having a purpose. It also helps you to realize when you are eating just to eat, out of boredom, or to try and fill another void in your life.

Here’s your action item:

Give this new Thought Tweak a try for a day. When you make every choice of what to eat for the day, ask yourself: How is this food going to add to my life? Once you try it for the day, I’d love to hear if it changed any of your typical food choices from the norm. Share with me in the comments below!

With Smiles,


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