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How Mascara Changed My Life

(This is a pic of the tea cup that I chose today: one of my Grammy's that makes me think of her and feel fun and feminine!)

Every single day, you are making a million different choices for your life; most of them without even realizing it. When I started out on the journey to be the happiest that I could possibly be, and start living my very best life, I began looking for ways that I could infuse more joy and excitement into my everyday life.

At first, when I tried to think of things, I really struggled to come up with much. I was already really happy and so I was restricting myself to thinking of big, costly, and time-consuming things that I thought were fun or would make me really happy.

Then one day, I was putting on my make-up in the morning and reached for my favorite mascara. I took one look at the tube and gave a smirk and sort of giggled to myself, then proceeded to put the mascara on. You see- the name of the mascara (which is written on the bottle) is “They’re Real!” by Benefit Cosmetics. It’s such a simple thing: The name of the mascara I use every day, but it makes me smile because of its silly and witty name.

What I realized from this is that there are a million other little items and moments like this in our life that we go through mundanely every day, but could easily infuse more enjoyment and happiness into. If you’re going to purchase mascara anyways, then why not purchase one that makes you smile and giggle when you use it?

Lately I’ve really taken this concept to heart and been trying to surround myself only with things that bring that extra-happiness boost to my day. Part of the driver of this was reading the book “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying” by Marie Kondo. Her method for deciding what to keep in your home is asking yourself, “Does this spark joy?” So now, not only for the items in my home, but for all of the daily decisions I’ve been making, I’ve been asking myself, “Does this spark joy?”

From the morning coffee cup I drink out of, to the pajamas that I choose at night, every choice I make gives me an extra little happiness boost, and it has had the most incredible positive impact on my life. I was a happy person that really enjoyed my life before, but now I can truly say that I feel like I’m living my very best life!

Now I’d love to hear from you: What’s a small choice that you can make today that will bring a little extra happiness into your daily life?

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With Smiles,


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