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Thought Tweak: No More Working Out

Welcome to October, and my absolute favorite time of the year!

This Week's Thought Tweak:

Instead of focusing on the idea of “working out,” focus on getting more movement into your day!

This tweak isn’t just a change in wording, it’s also a change in expectations.

Most people think of a “workout” as a fairly intense exercise session for 30 minutes or more. The problem with making it your goal to get a workout in every day is that if you don’t have the time or energy for a solid 30+ minutes of hard work, then you’re likely to skip out on it all together.

Instead, if you make sure that you’re getting in as much movement during your day as possible, that doesn’t limit you to only large chunks of time and energy. If you find yourself extra busy, you can fit in small chunks of movement throughout your normal activities: taking the stairs instead of the elevator, walking the long way to the bathroom at work, parking far away from the entrance to the grocery store, doing some squats while you get ready in the morning or in the shower, etc.!

If you do find yourself with enough time, maybe your day’s movement does include a long run or an intense spinning class. However, the beauty of it is that no matter what your day looks like, you can always find ways and time to fit in some sort of movement, and some movement is always better than none at all!

Now it’s action time: I want to know what you typically do if you can’t find a full half-hour or so to get in a solid “workout.” Do you decide to call it a loss for the day and take the day off, or do you make sure to just fit in some type of movement instead? Share in the comments below!

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