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Is Your Resolution to Lose Weight in 2016? READ THIS!

I have a bone to pick with New Year's resolutions. I think there is great value in setting goals and having great intentions to start off the year, but I get discouraged to see that the most common resolution revolves around losing weight.

The reason I get discouraged is because it reminds me of the unnecessary importance that our society places on one single number: weight.

I want to be clear on one thing: Your weight is just a number.

Nothing more. It’s not tied to your worth, your successes or failures, who you are as a person or the many valuable aspects that you contribute to this world. Yes, your weight can be ONE of MANY indicators of your overall health and wellness, but in itself, it doesn't mean much. So stop giving that one number so much power over your life!

So many people have focused their resolutions on weight loss and will spend the next few days, weeks or months putting themselves through torture to make good on this resolution. The worst part: Whether you succeed or fail with reaching this weight loss goal in 2016, you've wasted some of your year focused on a NUMBER.

Wouldn't you rather focus your time and energy on bringing more joy to your life? Or helping other people? Or treating yourself like the amazing person that you are?

You might be arguing: "But I feel so terrible at my current weight, so I just need to lose some weight and THEN I'll naturally have more joy in my life!"


Have you ever heard stories of overweight people who lose all of this extra weight but they STILL feel unhappy once it's gone (and then gain it all back)? That's because your happiness isn't actually linked to your weight: That's just what society has led us to believe.

What IS your happiness linked to? WHAT YOU DO IN YOUR DAILY LIFE.

So in 2016, instead of resolving to lose some weight, why not resolve to do more of something that excites you in your life? Stop focusing on getting to a specific number and start living and loving your life and body just how it is today.

If you’re interested in being healthier this year and don’t know what else to focus on, outside of your weight, then stay tuned for my next blog post. I’ll be sharing some more positive, exciting and non-torturous resolutions that you can set for yourself (instead of “Weight Loss”) to improve your health while also enjoying the process along the way!

I wish you a Happy and Healthy 2016, full of living life and achieving your dreams!

With Smiles,


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